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As a B2 Account Manager, the UI for creating person accounts and the account user should be unified




      Currently, even though Person Accounts are created to represent a single individual, the process of creating an Account and an Account User require two separate create processes.

      We should simplify the process and allow account managers to create the Person Account and Account User in a single flow.

      To accomplish this, Person Accounts will differ from Business Accounts in that there will be no "Users" tab. Instead, the table for assigning the single user will be in the main details page. This way, the assigned user is front and center when viewing the details page.


      Acceptance Criteria

      Given a person account is created, the following behaviors occur when editing the account:

      "User" section on details page

      1. The "Users" tab does not appear for Person Accounts.
      2. The "Details" edit page will show a section named "User".  Note, this section does not appear for Business Accounts.
      3. When there is no assigned user, there is help text stating, "Assign a user to this person account."
      4. There is a button "Select". Clicking this button shows a modal with a table listing all account users.
      5. After a user is selected, the "User" section is populated with a table showing "Name, Email Address, Job Title" columns.
      6. There is a remove button/icon for the user on the details page.

      Modal after clicking "Select" for the "User" section

      1. The columns for the table when selecting a user are "Name, Email Address, Job Title"
      2. Only one account user can be selected. (not a multi-select)
      3. A blue plus button appears in the modal. Clicking this button navigates to the Account User creation form.
      4. If creating a new user, upon clicking "Save" the modal closes and the newly created user is automatically selected.



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