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As an App Admin, I want to manage in one place all my Apps created using any object from App Builder



      As an App Admin, I want to manage in one place all my Apps created using any object from App Builder

      Design Deliverables

      In progress, check LPS-111712 for more info.


      In App Builder's first version (MVP), we launched it allowing the creation of Apps with only one Object and, because of that, we placed the App creation experience inside the Data Object scope. However, now we are planning to launch a new feature (Process-Driven Apps) that will allow users to create Apps containing more than one Object. This means Apps cannot be inside an Object scope anymore.

      To solve this, we need to create a new screen/space to allow users to manage Apps create to all and any Data Object. This screen should be inside the "App Builder" section of the Control Panel Menu and coexist with the "Object" screen that is already there. In this screen, users should be able to:

      1. Check all existing Apps created in App Builder (for any Object);
      2. Search for a specific existing App;
      3. Apply filters to search for a specific set of Apps only (Will be developed in LPS-111680):
        • Type of App (Workflow App, Simple App, etc.);
        • Deployment Status;
        • Deployment Type (Standalone, Widget or Product Menu);
        • "Mine" Apps (filter only the Apps created by the logged user). - ( Optional/nice-to-have)
      4. Order the table's data according to the following columns (Will be developed in LPS-111680);
        • Name (screen default order);
        • Created Date;
        • Modified Date.
      5. Remove existing Apps (if the user has permission);
      6. View which Data Objects are being used on each App (Will be developed in LPS-111681);
      7. Redeploy and Undeploy Apps;

      Acceptance Criteria

      1- Given that several Apps were created in App Builder using two or more different Objects,
      when a users clicks and accesses the "App" screen in the "App Builder" control panel menu,
      then all existing Apps from any and all Data Objects should be displayed on the screen.

      2- Given a user in the App management screen of App Builder,
      when a user types something in the Search field and submits the search,
      then the system should load and display only the Apps which the name matches the terms searched by the user.

      • If possible, the search should not need to be an exact match. Users should be able to search using parts of the name too.

      3- Given a user with permission to delete Apps from App Builder,
      when the user selects an existing App and clicks to delete it,
      then the system should prompt the user for confirmation and if confirmed, delete the App from the database.

      4- Given a user in the App management screen of App Builder,
      when the user clicks in the Kebab menu of an App in the list,
      then he should be able to undeploy/redeploy the App.

      Definition of Done (DoD):

      • All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • Make sure that the expected automated tests were created (unit / integration / functional) and passed successfully;
      • Verify if the test labels were added;
      • Code with peer review completed;
      • Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • No critical bug related to Story scope (ex.: similar of FP4, FP5);
      • Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary)
      • Make sure that it has the extensions points needed to allow GS and customers to customize the feature


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