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Allow marketers to get versioning support for content pages




      Marketers may be working with many content pages at the same time in a cross functional team where concurrent updates could be done on the same content page. Two marketers could be working on different localized version of the content page while a UX Designers could be changing the display. Tracking this different changes could be really difficult. Also, during this process the marketers may be subject of making operative mistakes (like discarding a draft being translated) and therefore need a way to be informed and track every updates done of a given page.

      The goal of this epic is to propose a way for Marketers to control the main changes done on a content page, and return to an existing version (not only the latest published). Hence, a marketer could see the purpose of a given change and in case of making a mistake return to a given version and start fresh.

       Proposed incremental stories :

      1. LPS-111820 - save page version 
        • as a manual snapshot - minor
        • as a published version - major
      2. LPS-121752 - auto-save page version in case of concurrent page editing 
      1. LPS-111819 - restore page version
        • replicated as current.
      2. LPS-111823 - Allow Marketer to preview a version
        • in a modal with minimum page edition: translations, 
      3. LPS-115058 - Allow Marketer to delete a version
        1. deleted page versions are lost (no recovery from bin)
        2. a message ensures users knows that

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