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Asset fields are reset when updating a single instance of a recurring calendar event



      The customer created a recurring event in the calendar, and added various details such as a related assets and categorization. When the customer edits the RSVP details or updates the basic details for one instance, that instance no longer retains the values for custom fields, related assets, asset categories, and asset tags.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Start Liferay
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Configuration > Custom Fields > Calendar Event and create a custom field of any type
      3. Navigate to Site Administration > Categorization > Categories
          a. Add a new Vocabulary called 'Event Type'
          b. Under Associate Asset Types, choose Calendar Event and click Save
          c. Click on 'Event Type' vocabulary
          d. Add a category called 'Meetings' and click Save
      4. Navigate to Site Administration > Content & Data > Web Content and create a new Basic Web Content Article
      5. Navigate to Home page and add a Calendar portlet
      6. In the Calendar portlet, click Add Event
          a. Create a new event that repeats weekly and stops repeating after 12 occurrences
          b. Fill out event Description and all fields under the Details section
          c. Under Categorization section, add 'Meetings' as the Event Type, and add a new tag
          d. Under Related Assets section, select the web content article created in step 4
          e. Publish event
      7. Click on one of the event instances
      8. In the pop up box, make a simple change such as changing the event name and clicking Save or changing the RSVP value [Attend? Yes, Maybe, No]
      9. In the Change Recurring Event dialog box, click Single Event
      10. Click and Edit the same event instance

      Expected Result: All original values set in steps 6b-6d are still retained
      Actual Result: Values set in steps 6b-6d are reset and not retained

      Reproducible in branch: ea02008fcf2bf3534f8a8fb43bfdab2f1c624ad6
      Reproducible in master: 35028f5a35d50a5568b7e9dc948098dac36927ad

      Additional Testing:
      Instead of clicking 'Single Event' in step 9, I chose to make the change to 'Entire Series.' When clicking and editing the event, most fields are retained, but the categories and tags set are no longer retained.




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