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Allow Page Creator I want to manually save or publish a new page version




      Non-technical users (Marketers and UX Designers) have more and more to introduce incremental changes to a given content to allow continuous improvements, while knowing what were recent changes about. Marketers have to deal with plenty of content and this could lead to mistakes that they would like to revert. Also before modifying the content Marketers need to verify by who the content was lastly updated and for what reason. There are cases where users have deleted a page content used in a region but by lack of information of usage a page another user has deleted the page thinking the page wasn't used. 

      Today with content pages the user is not able to see what happen on a given page and making it difficulty to assess the impact of adding incremental changes.

      The goal of this story is to provide the non-technical users a way to differentiate published and draft versions and control the incremental detail changes taht occurs on a page when creating a new version so that adequate correction can be taken before publishing a page.


      Given the Marketer is viewing a content page

      When the user clicks on the page timeline icon on the page edition panel

      Then the user can see the full chronology (timeline) of the page changes saved with following info for each saved version:

      • Version Name (Label)
      • Version Number
      • Last edition date time
      • modified by

      Saving a version (or snapshot)

      Given the Page Creator is editing a page

      When the user clicks on "+" from the Timeline next to Current

      Then :

      • the user can create a New Snapshot out of the current version
        • and by providing a version name and a description for the same
      • The version number is calculated automatically (see calculation rules below)
      • The new version is kept as a Draft (with corresponding icon)



      Publishing a version

      Given the Page Creator is editing a page

      When the user clicks on "publish" from the page editor menu

      Then :

      • the current version is published and added to the timeline under current version with status provided from workflow (pending / published, etc. icons).
      • the current version remains unchanged
      • the saved versions are kept in order of creation (the most recent on top)



      Automatic version numbering rule:

      • Draft (Snapshot) will increment a minor version (+0.1)
      • Published (to workflow) will increment a major version by (+1)

      Error cases

      In case there is a creation or publication error an error message should be shown (as in the mock ups)




       Notes on versioning:

      • Documents and Media provides the following options:


      • We should associate :
        • Major version to Publish (workflow)
        • Minor version to Draft (Snapshot)





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