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Document Name Field Has Filename Entered When Uploading a File


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      Affects more than 7.3 and has been found in 7.0.

      When uploading a file the filename is entered twice. It appears next to the Choose File button which is correct. However it appears that the Document "Name" or the Document "Title" also gets the filename entered. If editing this field so that a Document Name is entered containing certain characters like apostrophes, errors are thrown suggesting that the Document Name is an Invalid Filename. Users continue to enter non filename texts into this box. This is because the field should be labeled "Filename" and only the word "Filename" can be the solution.

      It appears that the "Name" field should be called "Filename" and that a new field for the "Document Name" should be provided that allows for a wider range of characters.

      Currently it's not possible to enter Document Names into the name field that contains certain characters.


      1) Upload a file to documents and media
      2) Notice that when "Choosing File" that the filename appears twice
      3) Notice that the Name field is a filename
      4) Try to enter a Document name that is more of a title like "This isn't a filename".
      5) Document will fail to upload
      6) The field isn't currently a document name and renaming from title to name didn't fix anything.


      Document is able to be saved with a name that is different to the filename and that the "Name" field is renamed "Filename" to properly describe what the purpose of the field is. This would mean having two fields on this form one called "File Name" and one called "Document Name". The document name should allow a wider range of characters which include characters that are invalid for filenames.

      A Document has two names ... it has a filename and it has a document name.


      The field is still labeled incorrectly, changing it from Title to Name didn't help. Only changing it to Filename will help us understand that there is a missing Title field.


      See GIF


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