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Document Name Field Doesn't Allow For Certain Characters To Be Entered


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      The issue with the Document name being incorrectly labeled persists in 7.3 GA2. The issue is that the label of the field isn't allowing users to understand that this text is a filename. The issue is further compounded because the text entered here is constantly referred to as the document title, even in list, descriptive or table view for example in Document and Media Portlet.

      The problem is that because this field is a filename and not a name or title users try to enter texts with forbidden characters. IF the field was labeled correctly as "filename" users can better understand that there is currently no way to give a document a human worded title.

      The following characters are not allowed in names and there needs to be a second field called "Title" that allows for these characters.


      • Asterisk
      • ../
      • Question Mark
      • Quotation Mark
      • :
      • Pipe
      • \
      • <
      • >

      Therefore it's not possible to enter this as a Document Title (or Name) - Introduction: Bug Reports > 2020 - Will A Second Field Be Provided? Additionally the field is incorrectly allowing a / slash to be entered and this slash is not valid for filenames however it's allowing ./ "dot slash" which is actual invalid filename entry on Windows at least.


      A secondary field be provided that allows for perfectly valid document titles to be entered. Example input:  Introduction: Bug Reports > 2020 - Will A Second Field Be Provided?

      Users cannot have this as a document name currently:  Introduction: Bug Reports > 2020 - Will A Second Field Be Provided? The root cause of this issue is that this field is a filename and has been incorrectly labeled. There is currently and has been for a number of years a missing field for the entry of a document title or document name.


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