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7.3 GA2 - Semantic Error With Field Label in Documents and Media in Table View


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      Simply the header in the table view of a documents and media widget and in the control panel under Content > DM shows that a filename is reffered to as a name. This is still semantically incorrect and while it's better than "Title" ... It still leads users to believe this field can be a non filename and can be edited and renamed ... this can cause broken link issues.


      A document has two names
      1) A document Name
      2) A document Filename

      These are still mismatched in Table View.



      The header for the cell in Table View that contains a filename should be labeled "filename" if the text below it includes a file extension because this table cell references filenames. If the label remains "Name" the resulting filenames in the table should be pushed to a "tooltip" so that the documents "name" is listed as "This Is My Document Name and Needs To Be Different To The Filename" and when hovering over the link, the tooltip will show the filename as "this-is-my-filename.docx" ... because these two things are different things.

      Label is still misleading, there still remains a missing field for the "Document Name".


      There are two possible actions:
      1) Please rename the cell header "Filename" and provide a second field for the "Document Name", the human facing name need not be shown in the table.
      2) Please keep the cell header as "Name", provide a second field called "Document Name" and remove the filename from the link text and add it to the link tooltip instead. The link text would then be the Document Name and this would then match with the header label. Both the Name and the Filename are then available in Table View.

      The easiest route to take would be to rename the table cell header to "Filename".


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