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Javascript error can be thrown on browser's console when accessing a page containing the Form widget



      Hypothesis: this issue is intermittent. It only occurs when a particular set of characters, that represents the instanceId of the Form widget, is translated to a hash number that makes the JavaScript of that widget to be printed before the instantiation of the object Liferay.Session. So, in order to facilitate reproduction, I've exported a site containing two identical pages: one broken and another working.

      Note: the content of the exported site is a form with auto-save disabled and two widget pages containing, each one of them, a Form widget displaying the only form of the site.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Site's Publishing > Import;
      2. Create a new import process and select the attached .lar file corresponding to the Liferay version you're testing;
      3. Once the process finishes successfully go to the "Bad Page": http://localhost:8080/web/guest/bad-page;
      4. Open the browser console and refresh the tab.

      Expected behavior:
      No error is thrown on browser's console.

      Actual behavior:
      The following error is thrown on the browser's console:

      Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined
          at _com_liferay_dynamic_data_mapping_form_web_portlet_DDMFormPortlet_INSTANCE_riuGC3jF8dEN_startAutoExtendSession (bad-page:10941)
          at _com_liferay_dynamic_data_mapping_form_web_portlet_DDMFormPortlet_INSTANCE_riuGC3jF8dEN_initForm (bad-page:10970)
          at bad-page:10980
          at bad-page:10993
          at args.<computed> (aui_sandbox.js:34)
          at YUI._notify (aui.js:1108)
          at aui.js:1245
          at YUI._notify (aui.js:1108)
          at aui.js:1245
          at YUI._notify (aui.js:1108)

      It might take using incognito mode and/or restarting the server.




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