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As a Page Administrator I would like to override the target URL of the assets displayed on a given Asset Publisher to be shown on another one



      In LPS-85948, the legacy option Link Application URL to Page was removed in 7.2 after being deprecated in 7.1. This option did not use to work well on Asset Publishers with pagination. In addition to this, the Asset Publishers involved had to share the same instanceID. For these and other reasons, Display Page Templates are the recommended way to go in order to replace this configuration.

      However, this legacy implementation allowed a given Web Content to be shown on different pages depending on the configuration of the source Asset Publisher, which is not possible with Display Page Templates right now. This use case mainly emerges in environments where there are a hierarchy of sites and sub-sites where a given site's contents can be displayed on others and vice versa.

      I think it would be beneficial to think about the convenience of introducing an Asset Publisher preference to override the target Display Page of any asset displayed on a certain Asset Publisher if any, by pointing to a page with a default (or maybe non-default) Asset Publisher previously configured.

      This would allow users to have a cheap way to have multiple pseudo-Display Pages that does not depend on the contents but on the Asset Publishers.




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