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Establish an expiration date for documents




      Business Context

      Digital assets are often associated with a license, which specifies their terms and duration of use. Depending on the license, the usage of the asset could come with restrictions on the size of the asset that can be used, the type of media placement, location or duration of use.

      Use cases

      • A marketing manager purchases a stock photo from an external site. She downloads the photo and uploads it to DM. The photo is protected by rights managed and can be used for 30 days. The marketing manager will be able to set the expiration date. During that time, the photo will be used in a marketing campaign but after that, the photo should be unpublished.
      • A department manager is publishing a job position internally. He works on a web content to describe the offer. The hiring process takes place and he finally goes for a candidate. Because of legal reasons, the resolution of the job offer must be published on the same page as the offer. The resolution is a PDF that contains personal names. Again, because of legal reasons, this PDF should be unpublished after 30 days. After that time, no one, except for admins, should be able to access the PDF, not even from the search box.


      The goal of this epic is to provide document and media expiration date support for enforcing license requirements for documents or media assets.

      Epic Acceptance Criteria

      The epic will be completed when an Administrator can set an expiration date for a document or media asset and another non-admin user cannot edit, move, make use of the document or media asset in WEM, get the asset through API or download an expired document or media asset.


      It is important to have the assets under control, and a document/image/video can be valid only for a period of time, for example, a 2020 product release notes, a video meant for a temporary campaign, etc.


      To help marketers/designers be aware of their assets, which ones are expired, receive notifications when assets are going to expire, etc, we will extend the already available support for scheduling web content to also digital assets.




      Use cases to cover:


      • Set expiration date for documents
      • Set expiring all/latest versions
      • Set review date for documents to receive notifications
      • Define a better message in the notification
      • Filter expired documents in sites 
        • Soon to expire?
      • Remove access? unpublish when expired?


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