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[deprecated] Navigation improvements to host global apps


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      DXP is utilized by many different personas with distinct responsibilities however the current product navigation doesn't accomodate or support those personas in a meaningful way. The product menu should be adapted to better fit with the mental models of the personas.

      User Types

      The company that is utilizing Liferay DXP will be refered to as *The Business*

      IT Administrator

      Responsible for the technical upkeep of the DXP platform for *The Business*. Soley

      Sub Persona


      *Server/System Admin*

      Backoffice User

      *Back-Office Users* have to utilize the solution as part of their organizational responsibility. They often utilize the solution to service and support the *End User. They typically are always logged in however they do not access the platform controls. The tasks that they need to accomplish are usually specific to a given solution and/or company. **Back-Office Users* typically have elevated permissions compared to *End Users* and can often create and edit assets and manage workflows. However, their experiences are branded and either created by the application development team or provided by an accelerator.

      They are often the users that spend the most time on a solution. *Back-Office User* user experience should be optimized for efficiency first as they have to repeat tasks day in and day out.

      This is most commonly employees of *The Business* that need to do administrative work in applications within the DXP. They don't care if the experience is branded or not and often don't care about a specific site. They view DXP akin to a tool, much like a CRM.

      Site Administrator

      Sub Persona

      *Content Author*

      *Web Developer*

      *Product Owner*

      End User

      The primary consumer of the services and experiences being built on DXP. The *End User* is typically the most numerous persona in a given solution. They may or may not login but their usage is typically limited to reading content, submission of forms, and self-service management of profile and service settings. *End Users* do not access platform controls and their experience is branded and provided entirely by the application development team or an accelerator.

      *End Users* typically see the solution as a means to an end and only visit the solution to accomplish a task. Because they don't spend as much time as the other users on the solution, *End User* user experience should be as straightforward and communicative as possible.

      End users should never see any of the DXP platform controls (product menu, control panel, etc)

      Hard Requirements

      Global application menu

      Clear separation between IT administration, General Administration, and End User Experience


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