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Add support for the Portlets Render weight set by developers to allow for portlet communication based on shared request attributes



      Liferay's widget pages have for long supported inter-portlet communication through shared request attributes. In order for this to work, however it must be possible for developers to control the execution order of the portlets so that the portlet setting an attribute is executed before the one reading it. This can be achieved by setting a portlet property called "Portlet Weight". Portlets with a lower weight will be executed later.  

      A common example of this is the breadcrumb portlet. This portlet allows other portlets to contribute to it by adding breadcrumb entries in the request. 

      This functionality, however does not currently work for Fragment-based pages, since the execution of portlets in such a page is determined by the position of the portlet in the page.

      The goal of this Story is to support the existing Portlet Render Weight already in place for widget pages. No code modification should be necessary on existing portlets that were already working as expected on widget pages.

      Example of expected behavior after this Story is implemented

      On a page,add two portlets deployed in the order below: 

      1. Breadcrumb portlet 
      2. Custom portlet which adds new entry in breadcrumb ( com.liferay.portlet.render-weight property is set to 50 in order to portlet be loaded first)
      3. Custom breadcrumb entry is added to breadcrumb

      Note: since this limitation is being perceived as a bug, if it's technically possible, a backport to 7.2 should be considered.




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