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As a Page Creator I want to allow users to order the collection content present in a Collection Page using selected Providers




      The goal of this Story is to leverage the Providers created as part of Collections so that they can be used and made available to the Ordering fragment without additional code.


      Given a marketer has created a Collection Page for a specific collection


      When a developer is developing an Info. Provider

      Then he/she can make it available as an option to filter a collection (via a solution/mechanism not explained here) so that a Page creator can see it listed as part as the ordering options available in the ordering fragment.


      When the Page Creator adds an Ordering fragment to a page

      Then :

      • the Page Creator can select the ordering options (Providers: existing or newly created) he/she would like to see selectable 
      • and the end users can order a collection by:
        • most viewed (provider)
        • most ranked
        • most recent
        • Alphabetic order A->Z or Z->A

       Ordering options for end users:

      Below: Acceptance criteria common to all fragments in Epics !

      As a Marketer I want to allow external users to search through the collection pages using combination of criteria from different filters.


      When the user is selecting multiple criteria from filters

      • categories (1 or multiple selection)
      • dates (1 selection)
      • ordering (1 selection)
      • text (1 selection)


      • The collection items should be filtered by all matching filters criteria
      • The number of results found should appear in the summary result section (if added to the page)


      When selecting 1 or multiple filters criteria and no result is found

      Then show a message in the result fragment:

      • "No result found, please discard one or multiple criteria"





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