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Design how to handle unprovisioned users in configured IdP


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      1. Define what unprovisioned may mean on IdP side.
      2. How the users become unprovisioned. Is there a standard protocol specification for this we can leverage?
      3. What the possibilities are to implement this.
      4. How to remove users from the SP if they are removed from IdP?
      5. Should the SP user be deactivated only, to prevent a new user being created in future with same "identity"?
      6. What should happen to portal (SP) models/assets owned by an unprovisioned user?
      7. What if a SP user exists on multiple connected IdPs? Is it fine that its unprovisioning from one IdP only should cause the user to be removed on the SP?
      8. Right now it is a user choice which connected IdP the SP user authenticates with. Do we need to change this to bind SP users to specific IdPs?
      9. What about privacy aspects?


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