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Segments can't link to live UserGroups with Remote Staging



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Start up two 7.2 bundles and enable remote staging (ensure Segments are enabled)
      2. Both in staging and live, go to Control Panel > Users > Users and Organizations and add a new user "test1"
      3. In staging, go to Control Panel > Users > User Groups and add a user group "usergroup1", add user "test1" to the group
      4. Export the user group into a LAR file (click on the (...) menu on the top right corner, then export)
      5. In live instance, import the LAR file containing user group, add the "test1" user to the group
      6. In staging, go to site Liferay DXP > People > Segments > Add a User Segment > Drag and Drop User Group > Select "usergroup1" > Save
      7. In Segments > Click vertical ellipsis on top right > Staging > Publish the segment
      8. Check Segments in remote site

      Expected Behaviour: "test1" user is in the segment
      Actual Behaviour: "test1" user is not in the segment


      Notes: Edited the reproduction steps, since the user groups are entities that are independent from the sites in general. Staging only works correctly when the UUIDs of these entries match in staging and live instances. The official way to achieve this is to export them in staging and import them in live. When only the names of the user groups match, the import won't find them. 




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