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Validate that the destination URL is an absolute URL



      As a user

      I want to be warned that destination URL should be an absolute URL

      so that I understand what I can introduce in the field


      Error message to show the user: "Please enter a valid absolute URL."

      Note: the custom canonical URL is "SEO configuration" for pages has a validation for URL, take as an example.


      The validator should accept URLs without the http part.


      Acceptance criteria

      Given a redirection

      When a user types a URL in the destination URL that is not valid

      Then show an error in the field



      Given a redirection

      When a user types a URL in the destination URL without the protocol

      Then Liferay adds the HTTP protocol so that the redirection works



      Figma Mockup


      Test Scenarios

      ID Test Priority Test Scenarios Covered by Frontend (JS-Unit)? Test to add
      1.9 5 The error message will be displayed when the destination URL is a relative URL that misses the protocol part yes Modify existing test 
      1.10 5 The error message will not be displayed when the destination URL is an absolute URL that misses the protocol part yes  Modify existing test
      1.11 5 The destination URL that missing the protocol part will be added "http://" automatically after saving (backend)  - Modify existing test 




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