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Optimize Fragment Panel display (label, thumbnail) in the fragment panel for all fragments




      As we are adding more fragments in the fragment panel and recently the new Collection Display fragments the space of the Fragment panel became really crowded. Also the thumbnails are not always provided when developers are creating new fragments for non-technical users. 

      The goal of this story is to optimize the space of the fragment panel that lists all the fragments, and open the door to bring more relevant info to the end user of fragments while improving the user experience.


      When a user looks at the right panel menu (containing fragments, comments, etc.)

      Then the user sees only one icon for both fragments and widgets


      When a user opens the fragment panel by clicking the new "Fragment & Widget" icon

      Then the user sees a list of fragments and widgets with

      • small icon
      • Text (fragment label)
      • and a small icon allowing to display additional info (the thumbnail only)
        • (In the future we might allow to add more info like text)


      When a fragment thumbnail is not provided

      Then the icon for seeing the additional info doesn't show.


      When searching for a fragment or widget 

      Then the user get access to results from both Fragments and Widgets



      Additional info:

      • thumbnail: we only display existing thumbnail. we don't generate them.
      • figma link



      Figma Mockup




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