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As a Marketer, I can map web content in fragments fields per experience




      Marketers were already able to choose an existing content and map its fields to specific editable areas of a fragment. Now they can do it also for each one of the different experiences they create for a given page. This way it is possible to make the most of the existing content, adapting it to each of the different audiences.

      This story has been accomplished in the development of this one by Echo Team: https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-101258


      Marketer / Content strategist.

      Technical Requirements

      • Content mapping will work as specified for content pages in LPS-86140
      • Each experience of a content page can have its own fragments composition and different field mapping for the fragments
      • New experiences configuration will always draw from the default experience mapping

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given a field mapping for the default experience in a content page
      • When a user creates a new experience and maps the same fragment to a different content for that experience
      • Then the same fragment will show different fields or contents depending on the experience selected / the segment of the visitor

      Test Scenarios

      AC ID Test Strategy Test Scenarios Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd? (unit or integration) Poshi?
      01 Regression When a fragment from a experience(not default experience) is mapped to a web content's field, it will show only that field from the web content NO  NO  
      02 Smoke When there is more than one fragment mapped to a web content in a experience(not default experience), each fragment will display the field mapped to it NO  NO   
      03 Smoke When there are more than one experience(not default experience) with fragments mapped to different web contents, each experience will maintain its own mapping, even if the mapping is modified in any experience NO   NO  


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