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After performing a search on the Select Role modal the Choose buttons state not updates



      Reproduction steps - Removing a role:

      1. Set up a master Liferay bundle and login as admin
      2. Initiate a full reindex at Control Panel / Configuration / Search menu - unless the user is shown already at step 3) - in order to be able to select this user at initial startup
      3. At Control Panel / Users / Users and Organizations, choose the test admin __ user and choose Roles tab
      4. Remove regular role Power User (it should be present as default for test admin)
      5. Click Select button to add a new role
      6. Observe Power User role is selectable (The "Choose" button is active)
      7. Search term "power user" in order to list Power User role at the modal


      Current behavior:

      The role is not selectable (the "Choose" button is inactive). Indeed, if the page is refreshed, the deleted role re-appear.

      Expected behavior:

      The deletion shall take effect immediately after clicking the "X" button. Therefore, the deleted role shall be selectable even in the same session (right after its deletion).


      Reproduction steps - Choose a role:

      1. Choose a Role which was not listed for the User
      2. Click Select again and Search for the same role
      3. The Choose button is active 
      4. Clicking on the Choose button adds again the Role to the list

       The issue is only reproducable when performing a Search
       After the second Search the Choose button is no active any more as expected
       The issue is reproducable with the following lists too:
      Roles tab:

      • Regular Roles
      • Organization Roles
      • Site Roles
      • Asset Library Roles

      Memberhip tabs:

      • User Groups

      Organizations tab:

      • Organizations


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