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Export group of pages to import from a Site Initializer to simplify development





      We recently worked on the possibility to design a site using customization of page templates, stylebook, and configurations with no code. In continuation to this work and the objective to be able to distribute and share solutions across sites we need to go one step further and allow developers to also export pages in a format that allows to use an external tool and modifying them before importing them again.

      With this we will be in a position to provide a way to create microsites prototypes that can be shared. We might include the ability to Import/Export:
       * Stylebooks
       * Master Templates
       * Fragments
       * Pages
       * Content
       * Menus
       * Collections

      One difficulty to tackle is to manage exporting a page and keep the relation to all the contents that relate to the page in a way that if imported again those relations are not lost.

       * Support exporting a hierarchy pages of a site and import them into a different site or installation
       ** Export/Import page definition
       ** References to existing content shouldn't be internal
       * Get a consistent user experience when it comes to :
       ** importing/exporting group of pages
       ** page templates / and fragments
       ** Style Book as a ZIP.
       * CLI toolkit:
       ** The exported pages will need to be visible/editable using CLI fragment toolkit
       ** Ability to import/export pages using CLI toolkit 


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