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Allow marketers to set friendly URLs for documents


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      As a marketer

      I want to be able to set the friendly URL for documents

      so that display pages have SEO friendly URLs


      Currently, the url of a document is based on the filename, so any time a user changes the filename, the link to it gets modified, affecting content pointing to it.

      In order to be more resilient and make it easier for marketer to share links to documents, users should be able to define friendlyURLs for documents.


      • friendlyURLs should be unique per scope, including folders
        • When a document is moved to a different folder, the URL will be regenerated to point to the new folder¬†
      • a history of friendlyURLs should be kept, so if a user modifies the friendlyURL, the system will redirect from the old url to the new one automatically.
      • Old friendlyURLs can be removed by the user.
      • Users should be able to copy the full friendly URL to help sharing the document with others.
      • No need for the url to be localized.
      • Display page templates should use the friendlyURL to build the URLs.
      • The friendlyURL will be automatically filled with the title (or filename?) (removing invalid characters, as web content is doing). The user can override the value
      • In an upgrade, the friendlyURL will be filled with the existing title/filename.
      • When new content is created, the urls used will be the ones using the friendlyURL
      • Old content will still be using old friendlyURLs
      • FriendlyURLs should work with staging and publications
      • The friendlyURL should take into account the file version


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