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Modernize or deprecate frontend-js-aui-web's liferay/menu_toggle.js


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      In service of this epic:

      https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-112938 ("AUI modernization, the sequel")

      Which is itself part of the larger project:

      https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-98564 ("Remove AUI / YUI from Liferay Portal")

      Our end goal is to remove all dependency on AUI/YUI from liferay-portal. We will have succeeded when we get to the point that we can turn off the frontend-js-aui-web module default, and nothing in liferay-portal breaks.

      For this task, we have to analyze this file:


      And once we understand what it does and how it is used, decide whether to:

      1. Mark it as deprecated (because it is no longer used); or:
      2. Modernize the JS and port it to another location (eg. frontend-end-js-web if it is reusable and useful, or embedding it locally somewhere else if it is less of a general utility) so that we no longer depend on frontend-js-aui-web for this functionality.
      3. Actually perform the changes.

      Note that we want to do this in a non-breaking way: all the functionality in liferay-portal should keep working, and any customer relying on this AUI-based functionality should be able to continue using it, provided they keep the frontend-js-aui-web module activated.

      Also note that we have lots of tickets related to AUI removal, organized into several epics, so a good first step before starting work is to do a search of Jira to double-check that this isn't already covered by some other ticket. At least at the time of writing, our current understanding of the state of the migration is in this spreadsheet:





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