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Empower page creator (Marketer or Designer) to have control over common fragment styles of pages




      To define the style of a fragment developers can currently create fragment configurations for each fragment. However the style configuration definition needs to be redefined every time a new fragment is created. The fragment configuration doesn't currently separate visual style options from option changing the behaviour of the fragment making each fragment configuration unique and repetitive effort, increasing the risk for inconsistent experiences.

      The goal of this Epic is to allow fragment developer to empower non-technical users to have a better control of fragment styles by separating styles property affecting CSS from configuration that may affect markup or content. With this Epic we also aim at allowing fragment developers to customise and add styles properties to fragments.

      Main functions:

      • Style options separated from configurations
      • Get common styling properties for all fragments
        • Note: Available as part of the style fragment config
      • Dev - Define Style configuration fieldsets that may vary per viewport
        • Note: Limited to CSS
      • Dev - Hide style options from "common fragments"
      • Dev - Specify additional styling properties for any fragment
        • Note: Including Liferay fragments
        • Note: Define which properties can be added for contributed fragments
      • Reposition images inside the image fragment
        • Note:  make possible reposition image manually (dragging).
      • Allow definition of several custom CSS for basic fragments like Titles 
      • Move "save", "delete" and "duplicate" in the topper of fragments
      • Move "Fragment Styles" to fragment panel
      • Move "General", "Comments" and "Structure" inside new arrow Icon and change Fragment Icon "+" and "Content"


      [*] Future development in Style Editor Epic:

      • The available values of each of the properties of this common set in the future would be variables defined from the Style Editor.
      • This set of properties in the future could be defined within the editing options of the Style Editor.
      • As a web developer I can customise the common styling properties of fragments (default values at site level)





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