Steps for reproduce:

      1. Add a Form: Created Form Name
      2. Add Page 1
      3. Add Paragraph,
      4. Edit paragraph body: Paragraph body text.
      5. Add Text Field
      6. Edit field labe: SingleLineText
      7. Add Text Field
      8. Edit field labe: MultilineText, select text field line option: Multiple Lines, enable Required.
      9. Add Select from List
      10. Edit field labe: Select, add two options
      11. Add Single Selection
      12. Edit field labe: Radio, enable Required, add two options
      13. Add Date
      14. Add Multiple Selection
      15. Edit field labe: Checkbox, enable Required, add two options
      16. Add Page 2
      17. Add Grid
      18. Edit field labe: Grid Field Survey, add 3 rows and 3 Columns
      19. Add Page 3
      20. Add Upload
      21. Edit field labe: Upload Field
      22. Add Numeric
      23. Edit field labe: Value
      24. Pulish form
      25. Go to add a pubilc page: Form page
      26. Add a Form portlet, select 'Created Form Name'
      27. Edit SingleLineText value: Single Line Text
      28. Edit MultilineText value: Multiline Text
      29. Edit Select: Select 1
      30. Edit Radio: Option 1
      31. Edit Date: 05/02/2016
      32. Select Checkbox Option: Checkbox 1
      33. Click next page
      34. Select Grid Field Survey: row1colimn1, row2colimn2, row3colimn3
      35. Click next page
      36. UploadFile: Document_1.jpg
      37. Submit

      Expected result:
      Submit success
      Actual result:
      No value is defined for field MultilineText.


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