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As a Non-technical user I want additional flexibility to visually create and style Navigations




      Currently the way to display a NavMenu can be done using menu display fragment or the menu navigation display. But modern menus are more and more customised with a unique combination of items mixing text, images, and collections. We have previously delivered fragment composition and drop zones and would like to offer users the possibility to re-use these functions to create tailor made mega-menus.

      The goal with this feature is to bring more flexibility to page creators (e.g. Marketers and Designers) to define individual custom menus items that include dropdown as a drop zone so that composition fragments capability could be leveraged. 

      Potential stories/capabilities:

      • function 1: Basic "menu display" fragment
        • selection of Navigation Menu
        • selection of menu levels
        • ability to apply a template like Collection Display
          • Menu Style: vertical, horizontal, etc.
          • Menu items Style: ... 
        • ability to style directly : impossible/complicate due to sub-levels
        • Remove "category selection" for the moment
        • Ability to support Icon instead of Text juan.anton 
      • function 2: Ability to configure the "dropdown" fragment behaviour:
        • Ability to edit text of menu item of the dropdown
        • Show/hide dropdown panel (if selected)
          • Shouldn't we show/hide the panel when DropDown is selected ? juan.anton
        • Ability to add fragments (including "menu display") in the DropZone
        • Dropdown panel style (full width, or Regular)
      • function 3: Navigation Bar component similar to :
        • Container for responsive behaviour from bootstrap to place thing like
          • ex: Logo, MenuDisplay, DropDown, SignIn...
        • Use the story for adding fragments to the left/right of other fragment and leverage Flex options
        • Add Sticky NavBar options.
      • function 5: Search pages and link (fragment that we can: duplicate / delete)
        • Ability to search "pages" and "link to page" visually with Target: _blank
      • function 6: Ability to define "drop down" fragment behaviour
        • Dropdown Open/Close special effects
        • Hovering option to expand sub-menu on hovering or not

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