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DublinCore metadata is not indexed if the database was migrated from 6.2 to 7.2.



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an empty database other than HSQL (MySQL will do);
      2. Connect Liferay Portal 6.2 and populate with default data;
      3. Quit Portal 6.2;
      4. Upgrade the database to 7.2 SP1 schema using DB Upgrader 3.0.1;
      5. Launch DXP 7.2 connected to this database;
      6. Configure Elasticsearch remote (used ES 6.8.5 and 7.4.2, but can probably be replicated in any supported version);
      7. Upload a PDF file with metadata (Author, Create Date, Title, etc.).
      8. Open Elasticsearch head and find the document in Structured Query.

      Expected Results

      You can find document metadata in DublinCore fields, example:

      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_FORMAT_String_sortable
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_TITLE
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_CREATED
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_MODIFIED_String_sortable
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_TITLE_String_sortable
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_FORMAT
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_CREATED_String_sortable
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_MODIFIED
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_LANGUAGE
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_CREATOR
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_LANGUAGE_String_sortable
      • ddm_text34911_DublinCore_CREATOR_String_sortable

      Actual Results

      No DublinCore metadata is available in the indexes, even if they are shown under the document details in the Documents & media UI.

      Additional Remarks

      This only happens if the database was migrated with DB Upgrade Tool. Launching a DXP 7.2 on an empty database will result that the metadata is correctly indexed.




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