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workflow-metrics indexes don't create replica shards



      Master/7.3 : Resolved as part of the Sidecar story in this change on LPS-103577.

      Solution notes
      The fix effects new DXP installations only. Existing deployments where the Workflow Metrics indexes have already been created in Elasticsearch have to update the index settings manually.

      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Start up 3 Elasticsearch 6.x nodes
        1. Edit
          cluster.name: LiferayElasticsearchCluster
          discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 2
          node.max_local_storage_nodes: 3
        2. Start the same Elasticsearch from 3 terminals (./bin/elasticsearch): this will create a 3-node cluster using a single installation, suitable for testing
      2. Start up DXP 7.2 SP2
      3. Go to Control Panel -> Configuration -> System Settings -> Search -> Elasticsearch 6
        1. Specify all the 3 transport addresses: localhost:9300, localhost:9301, localhost:9302
        2. Configure it to be Remote
      4. Go to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Search and confirm it is not using Embedded nodes
      5. Reindex all Search Indexes
      6. Open a terminal and run
        curl -X GET "localhost:9200/_cat/indices/*?v&s=index&pretty"

        Expected Result: workflow-metrics indexes have at least 1 replica
        Actual Result: workflow-metrics indexes have no replicas.

      health status index                                uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size pri.store.size
      green  open   liferay-0                            C-JVzJZXRASdPBk422Fmdg   1   0        211            0     10.1mb         10.1mb
      green  open   liferay-20101                        MEN8bgtpQtqwwxFdOpXPXQ   1   0         68            0    323.6kb        323.6kb
      green  open   workflow-metrics-instances           H6OX8tcwRwq1KJtC9FtwTQ   1   0          1            0      5.4kb          5.4kb
      green  open   workflow-metrics-nodes               BY3DwoamT1OyrB-fE03-9g   1   0          4            0     18.5kb         18.5kb
      green  open   workflow-metrics-processes           lkXk4eWORTCbnH6uOSaNMQ   1   0          1            0     49.2kb         49.2kb
      green  open   workflow-metrics-sla-process-results s7G7TBdcTbCEjNIyyFnj9Q   1   0          1            0      5.6kb          5.6kb
      green  open   workflow-metrics-sla-task-results    iQ7vHhDQTxyklKqj9n5YCw   1   0          2            0      6.8kb          6.8kb
      green  open   workflow-metrics-tokens              1_Gx7jq2R7KN5XgBfwulvg   1   0          2            0      7.4kb          7.4kb


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