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Facilitate the development of solutions that retrieve, handle or display information by facilitating reuse of components and features and reduce the amount of code encessary



      Liferay is a very versatile platform that can be used to build a wide variety of solutions, from all styles of modern intranets, to public websites, self-service portals, education portals and many more. Liferay's goal has always been to facilitate the development of any solution in less time and with less development effort, by providing reusable components and functionality. By leveraging the portlet standard, solution developers can expand Liferay's out of the box functionalities by providing their own applications, specific for their own use cases. We have identified that often, these applications perform some combination of retrieval, handling and display of content or other types of information. Which has led to the question, could we make it easier to develop this type of applications?

      The goal of this Epic is the development of several capabilities that would allow reusing existing and new functionalities in Liferay related to management of information, customizing only small parts of it, to adapt them to the needs of a specific solution. The ultimate goal is to enable solution developers to satisfy their needs while:

      1. Reducing the amount of code necessary to develop a solution
      2. Empowering business/non-technical users to customize the end result


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