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Image is not displaying post LAR import.


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 6.2.X EE
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      Description: Image resides in Web content is not displaying when we export it as a LAR from one environment(fix pack portal-77) and importing into another environment(fix pack portal-172).

      Steps to reproduce:

      Steps to Export the Content from the environment(fix pack portal-77):
      1. Go to Admin -> Pages.
      2. Select Global Site from Dropdown at the top left.
      3. Select Content -> Web Content and click on manage to create structure and template.
      4. Create a Structure with Image Field and click on save then create a Template and select the above-created Structure and the respective field and click on Save.
      5. Create a Web content using the above-created Structure.
      6. Go to Export/Import, click on New Export Process Section, do the following.
      A. Give a suitable name for the LAR File (before .lar extension)
      B. Click on "Select" Hyperlink after Date Range
      C. Select "Last" Option from the 3 Radio Buttons
      D. Select "12 Hours" Option from the 4 Dropdown Options
      E. Click on OK
      F. Click the Export Button
      7. Now download it.

      Steps to Import the Content to the environment(fix pack portal-172):
      1. Go to Admin -> Pages.
      2. Select Global Site from Dropdown at the top left.
      3. Select Content -> Web Content and then Select Export/Import.
      4. Under Import -> New Import Process Section, import it.

      Expected behavior: Imported web content should show the image.

      Observed behavior: The image is not displayed in the imported content.

      Reproduced on 6.2.x: 184df91137836e66979e2eb46462c3bf12789dbd

      Please let me know if any further information is required.

      Thanks in advance!

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