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Non-admin users with permissions cannot add repeatable fields in Dynamic Data Lists Display




      The customer has found that non-admin users cannot add repeatable fields in DDL, even if they have necessary permissions. This is similar to LPS-65069 but for non-admin users.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start DXP bundle.
      2. Go to Content -> Dynamic Data Lists -> Manage Definition.
      3. Add a Data Definition with a repeating Text Field.
        • On master, create a new Dynamic Data List with the newly-created Data Definition.
      4. Add a DDL Display portlet to a page.
        • On master, configure DDL Display portlet to use newly-created DDL from step 3.
      5. Go to Users -> Users and Organizations and add a new user.
      6. Give the new users a password and assign them to the Liferay DXP site.
      7. Go to Roles -> Site Roles -> Site Member -> Define Permissions and add all the permissions associated with Dynamic Data List and Dynamic Data List Display.
      8. Log in as the new user.
      9. Create a DDL List from the portlet added in step 4 using the Data Definition created in step 3.
        • On master, skip this step.
      10. Add a DDL Record.
      11. Click on the + icon to add a repeating field.

      Results of Testing

      Expected Result: A Repeating text field appears
      Actual Result: Repeating Text field does not appear and the following error appears in the logs:

      2020-05-15 16:52:04.225 WARN  [http-nio-8080-exec-4][SecurityPortletContainerWrapper:476] User 35846 is not allowed to serve resource for http://localhost:8080/group/control_panel on com_liferay_dynamic_data_mapping_web_portlet_DDMPortlet: User does not have permission to access Control Panel portlet com_liferay_dynamic_data_mapping_web_portlet_DDMPortlet


      Reproducible on:

      • 7.2.x (0ccd600cd8bd9a635b0687d6a9058cc6ba278965)
      • master (a0bfd3552193bb33687ef3677fe4879447e04d6a)

      Not reproducible on:

      • 7.0.x (85c40b279997b6bca1aac012c312e3f5bcfe606f)
      • 7.1.x (9178ef63f6d255478ffaef86e777f825a4b0afe6)


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