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Add a user field to JournalArticle structure



      It is a very common usecase to "attach" a user to an article.  (Of course, the editor either needs to have view permissions to search for users, but maybe this could be circumvented, see bonus features).

      Said user is often the contact person for a topic, responsible for the content or something like that.

      It would be convenient to have a user selection field available in the structure. Please also see LPS-114688 and provide all relevant information, maybe the user itself to the template.

      Bonus features:

      • Allow me to specify a limitation or site/group/role to the list of users that can be found Often only certain users make sense in a usecase and most users shouldn't be selectable at all. Limiting the users can be very complicated.
      • Allow the editor to use an autocomplete search on email, lastname/firstname to find users instead of opening the selection screen. It is faster to search directly.

      Note: The more complicated parts of this feature request could also be implemented as part of the new "applications" feature. But a user field would certainly be useful.



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