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Translation improvements for page editing and web content




      List of problems to solve:

      • In page editor there are X translation icons, does it make sense in User's perspective?
        • This will be partially solved with Experiences but not for Default Page.
      • In page administration we show all the pages with or without translation, but marketers should only have access to pages they are authorized to translate.
      • How to show translation progress or delete one ?
        • LPS-114520 is highlighting some of the difficulties.
        • PTR-1854  explains consistency issues with Approved Status.
        • LPS-114520 ability to remove fragment translations.
        • Show (7/70 fields) were translated, instead of using "All or Nothing" approach.  
      • Why do we show all the languages in the list of traduction cant we just add the one we want? At site level check inconsistencies... ?
      • Include Epics from Lima like “side by side” translation, importation, exportation, etc. ? 
      • How can I know what has been the translated from what remains to be  translated ?
      • Collection Display / Asset Publisher translations is it working seems to take the Page URL es/en as ref for translation and not the Translation Icon selector ?

      Jorge's Comment: To solve this we would need a new component of edition for translation.


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