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As a Page creator I want to get a realistic viewing with different viewports when editing a page




      A page creator needs to get a realistic viewing when editing the content of a page. Today the user can also change the viewport to see how the page will look in that particular context. 

      When navigating from a viewport to another viewport the page editor could be attempted to add a fragment. However allowing these interactions may generate confusion to the user that might believe that the added fragments are only for the specific viewport.

      The goal of this story is to solve the two points above with a design that helps the page editor get a realistic viewing for each viewport while guiding him through the different interactions. Part of the solution for this is to hide interactions that are not specific to configuring the fragments for a given viewport.

      When changing from Desktop to Tablet, or Mobile

      Then the user gets a realistic preview of how the page will be:

      • with adapted headers and footers
      • and in Edition mode


      When using a Viewport (other than Desktop) in Edit Mode

      Then the page editor has only access to:

      • editing the Style configuration
      • and the page structure


      Mockups: figma 

      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration) Could it be covered by POSHI?
      The user can get a realistic preview of page when use non-desktop viewports Critical Manual No Yes Yes
      The user only can set up the Styles and Configuration of elements and access to Page Structure when use non-desktop viewports Critical Manual Yes No Yes




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