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Filter the list of contents by subtype of asset


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      Content authors may specialize in a specific type of content or want to compare content by type of structure.
      The filter by subtype allows a cross-site search according to this criterion.


      Content author / marketer.

      Technical Requirements

      • The subtype filter will be placed in the Filter by... section
      • The selector will show in a modal where user will be able to:
        • search by writing the name of the subtype in the search bar
        • select one or multiple structures from the list
        • deselect whichever structures were selected in case the filter was already applied
      • When the name of a structure appears in more than one site, then the name of the site will show in parentheses after the structure's name
      • The user will click on Save to apply the filter
      • The content list with filters applied will show the subtypes selected above the list, that can be removed by clicking on the x sign in each one of them or by clicking on "Clear all" on the right side of the page.



      Acceptance Criteria

      • Given the list of contents
      • When user clicks on filter
      • Then the filter by status is set as "Filter by owner > All", "Filter by status > Any" and "Order by > Modified date"


      • Given the filter dropdown
      • When user clicks on Filter by... > Subtypes...
      • Then a modal window for select displays


      • Given the modal window for select
      • When user selects one subtype (multiple selection is allowed)
      • Then the list of contents shows contents matching the selection


      • Given the results bar with a subtype filter applied
      • When user clicks on the clear sign  in the tag
      • Then the list of contents shows all contents regardless their subtype (other filters applied must remain)

      Test Scenarios

      AC ID Test Strategy Test Scenarios Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd? (unit or integration) Poshi?
      01 Regression When the user clicks on Filter by... > Subtypes..., a modal window for select is displayed  NO  NO NO
      02 Smoke When the user selects one subtype within the modal window, the list of contents shows contents matching the selection NO   YES  YES
      03 Sanity When a new subtype is created, it can be selected in the modal window  NO  NO  NO
      04 Regression When the user clicks on the clear sign in the tag, the list of contents shows all contents regardless their subtype (other filters applied must remain)  NO  NO  YES


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