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Documents double indexed into System index and company index when performing a reindex on a single model



      Model documents are double indexed into System index and Company index when a model specific indexer is used.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Control Panel -> Users -> Users and Organizations, click the Organization Tab.
      2. Create a new Organization named "Org 1".
      3. Go to the Site Menu -> Content -> Blogs
      4. Create a new Blog named "Blog 1"
      5. Set up Kibana to connect with Elasticsearch - https://help.liferay.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043205591 should help.
      6. In Kibana's developer tab, run
        GET _search
          "size": 500,
          "query": {
            "match_all": {}
      7. Search for "Org 1", you should find 1 entry in an Liferay company index (follows the same pattern as liferay-20098) which contains all results.
      8. Search for "Blog 1", you should find 1 entry in an Liferay company index which contains all results.
      9. Go to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Search, click on Index Actions
      10. Reindex com.liferay.portal.kernel.model.Organization and com.liferay.blogs.model.BlogsEntry.
      11. Research Kibana

      Expected Result: You find the same single results as previously.
      Actual Result: You will find 2 results, besides the company index, you will find a system index version (liferay-0)

      Doing a full reindex will remove the duplicated documents.


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