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As a page creator I can see the collections displayed in the page in the Content side panel


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      Currently, the Content side panel within the page editor shows the individual content that has been added to the page (either through mapping, the Web Content Display fragment, manual selection in Asset Publisher or with the Content Display fragment). However it's also possible to display content in the page through collections of content. 

      The goal of this story is to solve this by displaying the collections in the page along side the individual content. It will not show the content within each collection, since that list is dynamic and will change over time, but it will show the name of the collection and some other information that can be seen as useful such as the number of content in the collection.

      The collections that should be included are:

      • Collections selected through the Collection Display fragment
      • Collections selected through the Asset Publisher widget
      • Ad-hoc configuration of an Asset Publisher
        • The name of the collection could be something "Asset Publisher¬†[ID]¬†Collection" where [ID] is a unique identifier of the collection (i.e. a portlet instance id)
        • This is a suggestion, open for discussion


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