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Form changes in Change List shouldn't show up in production form


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Enable Change List but don't create a publication
      2. Create a Form with three pages
        1. Page 1 with Date field
        2. Page 2 with Single Selection field
        3. Page 3 with Text field
      3. Copy form URL and navigate to the URL
      4. Add a new form submission with every field filled out
      5. Add a publication with title P1
      6. Navigate to Forms
      7. Delete page 2
      8. Drop down P1 and choose Prepare to Publish
      9. Assert the Conflicting Changes have been auto resolved and publish
      10. Navigate to Forms
      11. Copy URL and navigate to the URL
      12. Assert there are only Page 1 and Page 3
      13. Add a new form submission for the edited form and Submit
      14. Navigate to Forms and view entries
      15. Assert the record displays with Date and Text field
      16. Click on the ellipsis menu for your first form submission and select "View"
      17. The record displays all 3 pages

      Expected Result: Form changes in a change list shouldn't affect the production form

      Actual Result: Production form reflects changes from change list

      Tested on:
      Tomcat 9.0.17 + MySQL 5.7
      Portal master SHA: 171f1ac50bd1702196fbc9da62feb7bcba072d35


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