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Search Bar and Search Results widget: Old friendly URL parameters are not removed after parameter names are changed



      Note: This is happening in the Search Results widget when changing the Pagination Delta Parameter Name and Pagination Start Parameter Name values.

      This is happening in the Search Bar widget when changing the _ Keywords Parameter Name_ and Scope Parameter Name values.

      There doesn't seem to be any functional impact other than a misleading URL.

      Steps to reproduce (using Pagination Start Parameter Name for the example):

      1. Create 5 or more Web Content articles titled apple1, apple2, etc..
      2. In the home page embedded search bar, search for "apple"
        Observed: The pagination toolbar appears within the Search Results widget since there are 5 or more results.
      3. Change the items per page dropdown in the pagination toolbar to 4
        Observed: Only 4 results appear on the page and more pages are added to the pagination toolbar.
      4. Navigate to the second page
        Observed: Second page of results are shown. The friendly URL parameters in the address bar shows q=apple&delta=4&start=2
      5. Via the Search Results widget configuration menu, change the Pagination Start Parameter Name to "test" and save.
      6. Refresh the page
        Expected result: The user is taken back to the first page and the friendly URL parameters shows q=apple&delta=4
        Actual result: The user is taken back to the first page yet the friendly URL parameters shows q=apple&delta=4&start=2
      7. Navigate to the second page
        Expected result: The friendly URL parameters shows q=apple&delta=4&test=2
        Actual result: The friendly URL parameters shows q=apple&delta=4&start=2&test=2. If the user continues to change the parameter name, parameters will continue to append to the URL.

      Workaround: Navigate away from the search page and back to refresh the URL, or simply delete the residual parameter manually.

      Reproduced on:
      Portal master git commit: 4163f41bc7bb445671ef1bcb786bbad5840a08f3
      Portal 7.2.x git commit: 11fda1e60f65c0a6eb4f8a52b5247ac87f60c2ca
      Portal 7.1.x git commit: 12cb80c0dbcf7b55f291875b1eaa930ebb43dead


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