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Feature Request: Add ability to hide expired calendar events in asset publishers




      Currently, an Asset Publisher dynamically showing Calendar Events will always display all events (or x number of events), even if the events have previously expired. This can be confusing both for site users, who may think events are still upcoming if they don't check the date closely; and for site admins, who would need to go back and manually delete calendar events every time they expire if the events are being displayed on a page using an asset publisher.

      A related request to add expiration status for Calendar events was requested in LPS-47405, but it does not look like that request has been implemented into core code yet.

      Illustrative Testing Steps

      1. Add a calendar portlet and an asset publisher to a page
      2. Configure the asset publisher (using ⠇> Configuration) so that it has Dynamic Asset selection and "Calendar Event" selected as the asset type
      3. Add a calendar event that expired yesterday, then refresh the page

      Expected Result: There would be a way for the asset publisher to only display events that had not yet expired, so that the expired event would not be displayed in the asset publisher

      Actual Result: The expired event is displayed, leading to confusion and/or manual action needed by site admins to remove them from being displayed on the page.


      Can a method for hiding expired calendar events in asset publishers be added?

      I envision this could be accomplished either by:
      A. Adding a configuration checkbox in asset publishers to "Hide past events" (that would do a simple check for whether or not the event's end date is before the current date); or,
      B. By applying the same expiration logic to calendar events that we already use for web content assets. which could remove/flag as expired any past events using the existing (or new, but similar) Check Interval properties.


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