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      U&SM| S03 Sprint 25 | 6.9-23, U&SM| S03 Sprint 26 | 6.23-7.7, U&SM| S03 Sprint 27 | 7.7-7.21


      Test Case 1: Add a person account, assert Users tab does not appear

      1. Go to accounts
      2. Add an account
      3. Assert default account type is Business
      4. Change type to Person
      5. Valid Domains and Parent Account section are not displayed
      6. Save
      7. There are three tabs: Details, Organizations, and Roles

      Test Case 2: Select User

      1. Follow Test Case 1
      2. There is a Users section with a help text stating "Assign a user to this person account"
      3. Click Select
      4. Columns for the table when selecting a user are "Name, Email Address, Job Title"
      5. User can select one user, multi select isn't allowed
      6. Save
      7. User is displayed in a table showing "Name, Email Address, Job Title"

      Test Case 3: Replace user

      1. Follow Test Case 2
      2. Click Select
      3. Choose a different user
      4. User is replaced by new user

      Test Case 4: Remove user

      1. Repeat Test Case 2
      2. Click on X icon next to user name
      3. User is removed, help text displays "Assign a user to this person account"

      Test Case 5: Add new user in Select modal

      1. Follow Test Case 1
      2. Click Select under User
      3. Click + button to add new user
      4. Fill out fields and save
      5. User is added to table
      6. If a user was added beforehand, user is replaced by new user

      Test Case 6: Add a new account user and attempt to select Person account with assigned user

      1. Repeat Test Case 2
      2. Add an account user
      3. Attempt to select the person account created in step 1
      4. Choose button next to the person account with a user is disabled




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