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        LPS-115538 Property 'addEventListener' is null when click preview in page templates Verified
        LPS-115873 The Container element is not shown in preview when there is no nested fragment Verified
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      Test Cases

      Case 3:
      Can preview the draft in master page template before publish

      1. Add a custom master
      2. Add an Asset Publisher to master page template
      3. Click Preview button
      4. Assert the Asset Publisher is shown in preview dialog

      Case 4:
      Can preview the latest draft in display page template with a published version

      1. Add a display page template with Web Content Article and Basic Web Content
      2. Add a Paragraph to display page template
      3. Publish the display page template
      4. Edit the display page template again
      5. Add a Button fragment below the Paragraph
      6. Click Preview button
      7. Assert the Button is shown below the Paragraph in preview dialog

      Case 5:
      Can preview the draft in content page template before publish in Staging site

      1. Add a new site
      2. Enable Local Live
      3. Navigate to Staging site
      4. Add a Page Templates collection
      5. Add a content page template
      6. Add a Section to content page template
      7. Click the gear icon of Section
      8. Select 4 in Padding Top field
      9. Select success as background color
      10. Click Preview button
      11. Assert the Section with a success background color is shown in preview dialog




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