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As an Instance Administrator, I want to have consistent naming of the Multi-Factor Authentication configuration entries




      Currently there may be the following configuration entries:

      1. Multi-Factor Authentication: Email One-Time Password Configuration
      2. IP Address Configuration
      3. Time-Based One-Time Password Configuration

      So one of them has the Multi-Factor Authentication: prefix but the other two don't have that.

      The best would be to remove that from the 1st one also as navigating to the Multi-Factor Authentication configuration, the breadcrumb contains where the user is and it doesn't need to be put to each of the entries. Having that in the configuration entry names is against the general configuration entry naming in the portal, anyway.

      Note: in the current circumstances where it seems it's not possible to remove the prefix above and keep the searchability of an entry with "Multi-Factor" phrase, we decided to simply change the "Multi-Factor Authentication: Email One-Time Password Configuration" title to "Multi-Factor Authentication & Email One-Time Password Configuration". In the meantime, we start a conversation with system config team.

      We need to take CP configuration searching aspect into consideration also.

      After the linked bug has been fixed and talking with Victor about this from UX perspective, we should do the followings:

      1. Modify the main config entries like this:
        • Multi-Factor Authentication
          • We keep this only this part of the title to show, that is the main config of the MFA.
        • IP Address Configuration
        • Time-Based One-Time Password Configuration
      2. Create two sections on the main, Multi-Factor Authentication menu (see the multiple-section-headers.jpg attachment):
        • Multi-Factor Authentication (with the enable checkbox only)
        • Email One-Time Password Configuration (with all the other config entries on the page)

      Note: Unfortunately, we cannot make the section separation in one configuration page without tabs so we decided to drop the last changes. We keep the behavior that we have at the time of starting working on the last changing direction.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. As an Instance Administrator, I want to have the Multi-Factor Authentication name of the first entry of the multi-factor authentication configuration entry list.
      2. As an Instance Administrator, I want to have separate sections on the Multi-Factor Authentication main config entry page for the Enable checkbox with the name of Multi-Factor Authentication and for the Email OTP related config entries with Email One-Time Password Configuration. (see the multiple-section-headers.jpg attachment)


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