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Different behaviour between CI and local environment executing an integration test


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      We had a test scenario which behaves differently on CI than local environment and we can't find any reason.
      Please see this PR: https://github.com/martamedio/liferay-portal/pull/157

      In this test we're trying to launch a request using Portal Session Authentication to check CORS functionality, so we're trying to recover a Portal Session Cookie (_getAuthenticatedCookie()):
      1. Request to "web/request" to obtain an _p_auth_ token
      2. Second request to log in as test@liferay.com/test
      3. After the previous request we detected locally that we need to perform redirection (this request fails on CI)
      4. We try to obtain a cookie to launch our test, but after the failed redirection we obtain an Exception trying to find that cookie.

      If you run this test in a local environment, it works perfectly.

      In previous executions we already log the response on CI and looks like that after login (step 2) it returns a response with some redirection using Javascript (locally we obtain a 302 Response to perform the redirection), see: https://github.com/topolik/liferay-portal/pull/842#issuecomment-641488602

      Also note that we have a similar test in OAuth2 module, where there has been no problem getting this cookie.




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