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7.3 GA3 - Hitting back in find pages navigation causes lost edits



      The 7.3 navigation menu for pages causes lost edits when editing content and clicking the back icon in order to ctrl+click to get to documents and media portlet.

      In this UX scenario I have copy pasted content from Word into a Blog portlet having navigated to the page using the find pages feature. However in 7.0 I was able to easily scroll down to Content > Documents and Media to ctrl+click to open the DM portlet in a new tab. Now having this new navigation as a user editing content and wanting to navigate to the DM portlet in order to work within DM as part of my editing session (perhaps to add a new folder, delete a file or get the url of a document) I am blocked fromm navigating as I did before. The new way now causes me loss of work as a content creator or maintainer.

      It becomes a more frustrating digital experience. I also now can't use the pages navigation menu at the same time as the rest of the product menu as they are now two different menus, this also causes frustration when trying to navigate between "Navigate" and "Content". In 7.0 these menus were combined so the experience was much smoother.


      1) Add a widget page called Blogs, add a blogs portlet
      2) Navigate to the page using the tree menu icon at the top of the PM
      3) Add a new blog post start editing content
      4) Click the back navigation in the product menu (in order to reach the Content menu)
      5) Editing in the blog is now lost

      Either the navigation menu needs restoring as a top level productmenu item as it was in 7.0 so that we can properly navigate this system again ... or clicking the back button needs to leave my editing session intact without causing a whole screen refresh. Publishing the content to save it when hitting back in navigation wouldn't be ideal but could help avoid lost content.

      The page refreshes when trying to return to the main navigation menu to ctrl+click to open a different part of the portal in a new tab while editing in the current tab. This causes lost work. Navigation in the product menu is now much harder and causes new UX issues that didn't exist in 7.0.




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