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7.3 GA3 - Find a page icon tooltip should be renamed to "Page Navigation"



      Navigation of pages (layouts) is now radically different to how it was in 7.0. In 7.0 users knew that to change to a different page they would use the "Navigate" section within the product menu. It was actually mostly the most prominent item in the product menu and didn't require clicking through and loading up a different menu system.

      7.0 users know this to be the "Navigation Menu".

      This is now hidden behind an icon that looks like a flowchart feature and the explanation of what it is lays behind a tooltip so it's not obviously pages navigation. The feature is called "find a page". This is a UX issue as well of one of internationalization because different cultures attach different meanings to the same icon. It should be called "Page Navigation" in the tooltip find a page really doesn't describe this feature well. The icon could be improved and made to load much faster and if it can't be improved it should be moved to a main item above "Site Builder" under a heading like "Page Navigation".

      When compared to 7.0 this feels like a big step backwards. Navigate is now awkwardly described as "Find a page", the user really doesn't need to "find a page", they need to "navigate to a page".


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