I would like to place the categories in the global apps menu as specified in this figma

      To be more clear:
      For applications, I would like:

      • Content and Accounts to be in first column
      • Commerce [if installed] to have its own column and be the second one
      • Workflow, App Builder and Search to be in the 3rd one
      • Communication and Custom Apps to be in the 4th

      For extra categories, I would like them to be placed if possible in between.
      Eudaldo Alonso could a user manually decide the order of a category in the list of categories?

      For Control Panel, I would like:

      • 1st column: Users & Organizations and Sites
      • 2nd column: Configuration
      • 3rd column: Security
      • 4th column: System and Marketplace

      Why this order?
      It is place in the order I prevent it is more usual to have applications or categories. The most used or the ones I think are more relevant per user type.
      There is no data that supports this decision, aswell as there is no data that supports any other decision as far as I know.

      Why a maximum of 4 columns?
      With 5 columns everything looks very tight. I believe playing with a maxium of 4 is good enough.

      Please keep everything inside the contained width as shown in the figma. It is more visually pleasant.




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