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Provide a Design Library application to facilitate sharing Designs across sites




      As a marketer, you sometimes need to collaborate with channel partners and internal business users to quickly create, manage, and deliver relevant digital content to customers. It is a challenge to develop solutions that support efficient and secure sharing of approved brand logos, design guidelines, page templates with extended internal teams, partners, and resellers. 

      Managing and Scaling solutions while keeping a consistent experience and enforcing each brand is also a big challenge for Site Admins administrating hundreds of Sites. The Liferay DXP 7.3 supports page templates, fragments and style books, which all together made possible the creation of design systems in Liferay. This allows in particular a UX Designers to define reusable and scalable styles and style rules across the same site. Beside this, we also provided the ability to import/export Page Templates, Style Books, and Fragments in a structured format so that they can be shared between environments.

      For 7.4, we want to facilitate the ability to share and reuse all of these elements as a single unit, which we call “Design Pack”. A design pack can have multiple associated Style Books where variables can be modified to get other styles and rules automatically applied to all basic elements, components, Fragments, and compositions within the same Site. Hence, sites could benefit from a consistent and scalable design where users could re-use style rules defined at site level.

      In order to allow users to share design packs and re-use the design packs across sites we are proposing to make design packs available to multiple sites by introducing a new application named the “Design Library” which will allow creating, exporting/importing, managing and sharing design packs across sites.

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