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7.3 GA3 - Not able to edit web content on content pages in edit mode + Cannot get to both WCD menus at same time



      It is still not possible to edit web content that resides in a web content display on a content page when that page is in edit mode. In order to edit the content you need to publish the page thus exiting the edit mode and then you can get to the edit menu. This is because in edit mode there are two web content menus (there should be one as was in 7.0) ... but this second menu prevents the edit menu from being accessed.

      Additionally when not in edit mode, the web content display portlets cannot be configured unless you're in edit mode. Compare this experience to a widget page where you can access both menus at the same time. Compare to the UX in 7.0 where one menu is used instead of two and 7.0 is a lot easier.


      0) Create content in Content > Web Content
      1) Add a widget page, add a web content display and select that content
      2) Can access both configuration and edit menus at same time
      3) Add a content page, add a content display to it
      4) Configure the portlet to select the web content
      5) Refresh the page and see that you can't now edit that content you can configure it
      6) Publish the page now you can edit the content, but not configure it


      Both menus to be accessible at the same time, or these two menus to be put back under one menu as was the case in 7.0.

      There's no possible mode on a content page in which you can get to both menus.


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