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User does not receive mail for own blog entry creation



      Steps to reproduce:

      0. Do the necessary setup (Server Administration/Mail, use FakeSMTP or similar program) so you can catch the outgoing emails the DXP server sends.
      1. Log in as admin and create a new page and put a Blogs portlet on it.
      2. Create a new regular role (e.g. "blogger") and add to it permission to add blog entries (Blog Entries --> Add Entry). This so that later on we see the Add Entry button in the Blogs portlet.
      3. Create 3 new users (A, B), add them all to the Liferay DXP site, and also give them all the role "blogger".
      4. Sign in with these users and for each of them click the Subscribe button in that Blogs portlet. (so all 2 users subscribe to notifications about anything that happens in that portlet)
      5. Sign in with user A and add a blog entry.
      Result: Only user B receives an email notification about this event.
      Expected by customer: User A should also get such a notification (even if he is the creator), because he is also subscribed to that portlet.




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